Get Scrollin looking like the demo

Posted June 24, 2013   |   Comments are disabled

So you’ve just got your hands on Scrollin and want to make it look exactly like the demo site? Well in this knowledgebase article, we’ll go through the steps in getting it set up like the demo. I’ll presume you’ve installed WordPress and got the theme installed and activated, once the theme is activated, make sure you click the “Save Options” button on the theme options page, this will save the default options and bring in the default logo etc. on to the site.

Step 1, import the dummy content.

You can grab the import XML file here and unzip it. In your admin are navigate to Tools -> Import and click the WordPress link. You may need to install a plugin, follow the instructions on screen if you do. Once you’ve got the plugin you’ll see a screen like this. Make sure you select your username from the “or assign posts to an existing user:” field and tick the “Download and import file attachments”. Then click the “Submit” button.


Note about images, the team member images are not included in the import file. The location images are from Burning Well and the device images are from PlaceIt.


Step 2, make it a little less of a mess.

Importing data only does so much I’m afraid, so looking at your site it may look a bit of a mess. So first thing to do is set the Home and Blog pages. So in the admin, navigate to Settings -> Reading. Select the “A static page…” radio button and then choose “Home” from the “Front Page:” field and “Blog” from the “Blog Page:” field. Save your changes.

The shortcodes will not show unless you have the shortcodes plugin installed, for detailed instructions on how to set that up read through the “Introduction to using the Shortcodes plugin” section of the documentation here. If you know how to install plugins already then all you need to do is install the Simnor Shortcodes plugin.


Step 3, set the menu.

Navigate to the Appearance -> Menus page and in the “Theme Locations” box in the top left of the page, select the “Main Menu” option in the select field and click the “Save” button.


Step 4, a few theme options.

Not all theme options have defaults, for example you’ll need to set up the contact section settings and the social links in the footer manually.